About us

At Eco Arava, we are concerned about the current environmental issues, and our goal is to grow crops adapted to our resources in a way that respects the soil, the water supplies, and ultimately the people who will eat our harvests.

What does it involve exactly?

First, adapting to our environment. We are located in the Arava desert, in Israel, where the storage of annual rain waters allows the agriculture of plants that need little water to grow. However, the majority of the production in the area is still inadequate to this constraint. We hope to contribute to changing that!

Since 2009, we are trying to grow nutritional plants with little water, in order to eventually replace all of our production with crops adapted to our environment. We select our plants for their minimal environmental impact ; they do not use more water than naturally available and they are adapted to the soil of the area, thus generating no soil depletion.

Then, not adding any chemicals. We cultivate our plants organically, and we only use 100% natural products when we have to use fertilizer or pesticides. The soil we grow on has been organically cultivated since 2000.

Our first success is a plantation of Moringa oleifera trees, a plant of many uses and virtues !