About us

In a nutshell : we are a family of farmers who want to contribute to an eco-friendly, sustainable transition of farming in our area. We strive to grow organic crops adapted to our resources in a way that respects the soil, the water supplies, and the people (those who live here, who work with us, and who eat our harvests…)

Do you want to know more? Then…

It all started in a little farming village, in the Arava desert… There, farmers grow their crops with annual rain water, which is stored up in huge tanks and used throughout the year with a highly sophisticated irrigation system. It seems like a lot of trouble for a place that just looks, well, let’s say “hostile” (from a farmer’s point of view… otherwise we would say it is rather a beautiful, magical place!). But actually, the soil is very fertile over there, and there is plenty of sunshine all year long, so once the water issue has been solved, the agriculture has really been successful. And it looks like this :

Except that all sorts of plants have started to be grown there, many of which need a lot of water to grow (melon, pepper and so on…). In the end, the annual rains don’t bring enough water to support the agriculture of those vegetables and fruits. So, we have to import it, which sometimes doesn’t bring very eco-friendly consequences…

So, since 2009, we have been considering this issue and we have been trying to find other nutritious plants that would be good for people to eat and that would have a minimal environmental impact ; they should not use more water than naturally available and they should be adapted to the soil of the area, thus generating no soil depletion.

After some research, we decided to try a plantation of moringa oleifera trees. It’s a tree that grows ideally in sandy soil, with a lot of sunlight and not much water. Plus, it’s full of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins…). It was perfect!

We started with a small organic plantation on our backyard, just to try it out, and we sold the powder of the moringa leaves on the internet. Anyone can add a little bit of this powder into their daily diet and benefit from all its nutrients… We have been surprised at its success! We sold out all our production and so our few trees were all trimmed down from their leaves :

After that, we decided to extend our production by planting a whole field of organic moringa oleifera trees. Talking about organic, we have been cultivating without chemicals since 2000 ; when necessary, we use only 100% natural and organic fertilizer and pesticides. We feel it is essential if you want to respect the soil, the plants and the people!

We also found a name for our farm, to write on our packaging ; “Eco” because our goal is to make our farm 100% eco-friendly, and “Arava” because it is where our farm is. We started to build this website and resumed our sales of organic moringa leaf powder, hoping it will enable us to keep going with the environmentally-friendly transition of our beloved family farm  :

It does take time and some financial investment to build the transition we are striving for, along with creativity and persistence, but we are so happy to see the results. Every new bag of moringa powder we ship to its buyer participates in it and means a great deal in the future of this place.

For the future, we hope to be able to lower even more our use of water by replacing the rest of our fields with more moringa oleifera trees, or with some other beneficial plants that would also fit into our ecological criteria.

Thank you for your interest in us, and don’t hesitate to reach us to share your opinion or ask any question!