Which moringa powder to chose? 6 things to consider before buying

1. Is it fresh?

It is better to eat your moringa oleifera leaf powder within the 6 months following the harvest of the leaves, after which it will start to lose some of its nutrients. So, it is important to know how much time passes from moment the leaves are harvested to the moment when you buy your product or get it delivered.

2. Is it organic?

Just like for other crops, it is always better to eat some that has not been treated with chemicals. It is also a great way to support eco-friendly farming. Most of the products made from moringa oleifera are organic.

3. Where are the trees grown?

It might be interesting to know, since a tree that grows in a suitable environment will be healthier and richer in nutrients. Generally, the best for moringa oleifera trees are sandy to loamy soils, and hot and sunny weather. Even if it’s possible to grow moringa in less suitable environments, the quality of its leaves might be poorer.

4. Is it 100% pure moringa oleifera leaves?

Usually, it is and the package mentions it. It is best to go with those, you can avoid to get a product that also contains stems, or additives…

5. How is it stored and packaged?

Moringa oleifera leaf powder should be stored away from air, humidity, sunlight and extreme temperatures. The best thing is a product vacuum packed stored in a dry place, not too hot nor too cold, and protected from the sun. Those are the perfect conditions to keep all of its nutrients.

6. What do you participate in by buying it?

Factors to consider in order to be buying responsibly are many and not always easy to put together. Occasionally, it is just hard, even impossible sometimes, to be aware of them. The major elements to consider are : the social and economical impact of the business (creation of jobs, social actions VS use of local food crop to export, etc…) and the environmental impact (sustainable development VS use of chemicals, intensive agriculture, etc…). Usually, a look at the business description and politics can help to go for more responsible purchases.


You do not know which moringa to buy? You can learn more about our 100% organic moringa oleifera leaf powder, which meets the above criteria and which is part of the sustainable development of our farm.

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